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-We’re all stories in the end.

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Nikki! Guess who turned 1 year old the other day?!?!?! Dis blog right here!

to all our enemies, we’ll see you in hell
we’re gonna walk ‘em off the plank into the wishing well


1/111 Pictures of the Doctor

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Anonymous: Hi ladies! You know when you get that nanosecond feeling of self-importance and decide to Google yourself? Well, this happened to me just now. Only this time I didn't Google my real name, I used my roller derby alter-ego name, "Geek Mystique". Lo and behold, your lil blog came up! Just thought you would like to know that somewhere out there is a crazy girl wearing fishnets and skates who is hip-checking bitches in the name of all that is geek. 


You are my new favorite person.  This made my day.



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“Goodbye, Molly Hooper.”

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What’s incredible, though, is how spectacularly ignorant he is about some things.

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